Moving to Seattle is the opposite of order envy

Order envy (n) : a phenomenon that occurs when you're out to eat with friends, you look at the menu and you're like, "Oh a salad, delightful. I will get that because I'm healthy" and all your friends are like "Burger, duh" then the food comes and you obviously should have gotten the burger but instead you're stuck stealing glances at your friends' delicious meat plates while you munch on a sad little plate of rabbit food dripping in olive oil.

Order envy is horrible. Moving to Seattle is not.

On paper, Seattle seemed like a great choice. Outdoorsy people, plenty of climbers, booming job market, awesome coffee, yada yada yada. But ultimately, I knew I wouldn't know until I got here whether I had chosen the salad or the burger.

Turns out, Seattle is a big, fat, delicious burger (locally raised by responsible farmers, of course).

I've been officially living in Washington for just under a month, and I still wake up every morning pinching myself, unable to believe I'm actually here. Granted, it probably helps that I'm here during the best season and it's been abnormally sunny every day - but whatever. This place is amazing.

Here's a quick recap of the super sweet PNW places I've had the chance to explore over the past few weeks. Warning: lots of gushing and happiness. Sorry not sorry.

Exit 38:

Just over a half hour drive from Downtown, this little spot has a ton of fun routes to climb and an awesome view. Plus you can end the night with a bonfire surrounded by big rocks overlooking a cliff. I've been told there's an even better spot, called Exit 32 - so psyched to check that out.

Shi Shi Beach:

Sanni and I spent a weekend hiking and camping on the Olympic Peninsula, along the coast of Shi Shi beach (pronounced shy shy). When she originally told me about this place, I google-imaged it, and I was like hah no nothing looks like that in person. Turns out it does. And the view is even better when you're sitting by the campfire eating the BEST S'MORES OF YOUR LIFE.

Actual pictures of the coast taken with my actual phone:


Well, Squamish is in Canada so it's not technically in the PNW, but I'm going to talk about it anyway because it's blowing my climbing mind that I live so close to one of the best spots in the country. It's about 3.5 hours away (more like 5 with traffic). I bought my very own crash pad and my first ever guidebook (Squamish Bouldering) right before this trip and the whole weekend was basically like Christmas morning. I followed my first multi pitch route, learned how to clean and rappel on my own, and got to climb some sweet boulders. They were also filming the next Star Trek movie in the boulder field so we got to see a little of the set (which was cool) but couldn't climb a bunch of boulders (which was not cool). The weekend was incredible, despite the 90 degree heat, and I'm pumped to come back to climb in cooler conditions.

In other food news, I'm currently eating a delicious peach that puts most other fruits to shame. As if I needed something else to be happy about today. Now I'm off to pack for the holiday weekend - we're going to Alpine, CA to visit Sanni's parents for the 4th, and as always I have waited until the last minute to pack...

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome weekend!