Setting and settling in

My fingers are burning after a good projecting session, and I'm posted up in SBP's upstairs lounge area, getting some work done and observing the goings-on below. Through this observation I've come to an important realization: hot men setting boulder problems is easily one of the more attractive scenes on this planet. Period. Ladies (and fellas), sorry I can't grace you with photographic evidence of this conclusion, truly I am. As much as I love making things awkward, taking creepy pictures of men I don't know in the bouldering gym might just be taking it too far. Rest assured that the view is not too shabby. Men, sorry if you feel objectified. But muscles + climbing + power tools = pure excellence. So I'm not that sorry. The west coast is still da bomb, aside from the logistical nightmare that is the Seattle housing market. Hopefully the stress of house hunting is almost behind us. Thanks to a combination of traveling on the weekends and exploring the city most week days, I've been cycling between delirious happiness and an occasional weird in-limbo feeling that can only be described as emotional whiplash. In these moments I need to find things to ground me - but that's difficult to do in a foreign city. I've started taking a lot of walk/hikes around beautiful, peaceful Mercer Island. SBP is great, but I miss my people at Progression Climbing in Chapel Hill. A lot.

I went to a meeting in Pioneer Square yesterday and just being there reminded me just how empowering it can feel to walk with a purpose through a bustling street. Sometimes that's all I need to check-in and remember that I'm here for a reason and my life in Seattle is just beginning.

Okay emotional rant over. Honestly, once we find a house and I actually have a residence here, I think everything will feel a little more permanent. And less floaty. Floaty? Damn, I'm good with words. I should be a writer.

Anyway, just got a call and found out my car insurance company got a little salty with my move and canceled my policy without telling me so that's wonderful. Off to deal with that and eat some food and go to a house showing...after I just, y'know, observe for a couple more minutes.