National Geographic: Genius wanted

When National Geographic asked Rational for creative to promote their new show, Genius, I worked with the team to think a little bigger - and turned a promotion into a social movement. 

Genius the show is all about showing people the real Albert Einstein, the man behind the science. Einstein was a brilliant physicist, but he was also an activist. And we'd like to think that if he was still alive, he'd be channeling his intellect into trying to solve some of today's biggest challenges. So, to honor the genius of the past, we imagined a way to celebrate genius in the present, in a way that was authentic to the National Geographic brand. We called it "Genius Wanted." 


We saw this idea as Nat Geo's "Opt Outside" - with buzz and momentum fueled by ongoing challenges to get involved, and partnerships with companies like Patagonia and With Genius Wanted, National Geographic would build so much more than viewership and positive sentiment. They would build support for the social and environmental causes that need help now more than ever before, a noble mission the brand has supported for years.